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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beatles-Twist and Shout

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Liz starts off the book almost from the word go talking about The Beatles and how important they had become to her since the death of JFK a little over six months before the book and her journey begins. She refers to the band as the place where she and young people like her were hanging their dreams since the president's death sort of left them with a hole to fill. It is my personal belief that if there had been no John Kennedy and if he had not been assisanated when he was, the reaction that the young people had to The Beatles may not have been quite as intense. When Kennedy was elected president it was supposed to mark a new era, an era of hope and happiness, and his death crushed the nation. So when the Fab Four touched down here in the States with their happy go lucky tunes and their good looks it was like, "Hey, man, this is it!" And the hippie movement grew and evolved almost in time with the band's music and the band itself. Not everyone liked the band and other characters in the book make jabs at Liz's love for them a few times(especially Jack who feels that hormones are the sole reason behind the band's popularity) but Liz absolutely LOVES them. Since the book is her life from '64 on, they are talked about quite a bit. This particular song is one of their earlier tunes with an explanation of how she felt about them in the begining.


  1. I love this song! Thanks for the blog follow, really appreciate it.

  2. Not a problem! I have thirty minutes of the show at Shea Stadium on here, too. I have yet to get far enough for their deep, drug inspired tunes but their older songs were great too because they were just so light and fun. :)