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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Castles Made of Sand -Jimi Hendrix

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I started the soundtrack off with the song that I named the book after. "And so castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually." I had been writing the book for about six months and I could not think of a title for it. I had wracked my brain but nothing seemed to fit. Then one night I was writing in my journal about whatever I had done to the book that day and I was listening to my new Hendrix CD. This song was on and my attention was focused on writing but suddenly it tuned into the music right at that line and the light bulb in my brain went off. This book is all about dreams. It is all about that beautiful eutopia that hippies sought to create, that for a moment they thought they had, and how it all seemed to fall apart by 1970. So the line was perfect for the mood of the book and what it represented, what the whole scene sort of represented. It also seemed perfect to name the book for a song....a Jimi song at that. I mean, try to imagine the '60's without the music. Scary, huh? It was so important, the musicians ended up so legendary, and it all reflected what was going on which is why it was so important at the time. In my old journal, the one I was writing in that night, I scrolled across the top 'CASTLES MADE OF SAND! OF COURSE!' I had found my title at last. One of many things I can thank the amazing James Marshal Hendrix for.


  1. I have an original Jimi Hendrix LP "The Cry of Love" I bought as a used record store in the early 80s for $2.00 My favorite song on there[side 2, 3rd song] is "Angel". Another song "Freedom" also I like, plus "Drifting". Jimi was King of the Guitar and set the mood for the carefree, soulful blues he cranked out in his own freeflowing melodic way.

  2. I have a Jimi LP that was originally released in Brazil and I got it about three years ago for about seven bucks at Half Priced Books. It is basically kind of like a compliation album but I love it.