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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Castles Made of Sand

So, I have spent a great deal of time these past couple of weeks doing self-promotion for my book that I self-published through Kindle called Castles Made of Sand. First, let me say that self-promotion fucking sucks. There is no kind way to put this. The one good point, the bright spot in an otherwise dark job, is getting to meet fellow book worms and writers along the way. Sites like Shelfari have entertained me for hours as I plugged my book. But the people are kind of like my Nicoret. You know? 'Quitting sucks, Nicoret helps it suck less'? This is like the final frontier of self-promotion and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. But I have read the same thing time and time again....Promote on forums and communities and BLOG! I have been writing blogs on myspace for almost four years but somehow I think this is a little people actually read these for starters. Now I cannot fill up every blog with talk of my book or any of you out there reading this will get sick of me and I will get sick of myself. So what would you guys like to hear about? If there is a band out there, I probably have an opinion on them; if there is a book out there and I have read it, I can talk about for at least a few paragraphs; I am Wiccan but I am open to any religious talks if that is your cup of tea; I am a psych major but more importantly, I am a crazy chick who has always been the free therapist of basically everyone I have ever known so if life issues are what you want to discuss I am open to that too...Like I said before, the people I have met along this strange journey have been my nicoret and any of you reading this might make the whole self-promotion thing suck a little less so I am open to suggestions. Now, for the moment we have all been waiting for: The all important plugging of the mysterious book in question: Castles Made of Sand is available through and I have it listed at .99 until April 25th. If it sells well I might make that the permenant price. Here is its description:
When Liz Sanders leaves her parents’ home in Ohio with her best friend Julie at her side, she is full of expectations for her future but none of them can compare with what she gets. At first the California scene she has entered intimidates her but from her first day of class at Berkeley, California becomes her home. She tries to carve out her place while also keeping herself together despite the pressure of writing full time for an underground news paper, becoming increasingly involved with the anti-war movement, and hobnobbing with some of the most infamous names of the 1960’s. On the outside Liz’s life looks like an exciting adventure. On the inside those she loves are falling hard into a world of heroin and madness. For a brief moment it appears as if the dreams she has worked toward might come true but the moment does not last and those who helped shaped the culture around her begin to spiral out of control and into the arms of fate.
Castles Made of Sand is a novel about youth, hopes, and dreams; a glimpse into a world where anything is possible but nothing seems real. A chronicle of forty-five years of one life and the coming of age of a generation, it demonstrates the passion that changed the world and the pitfalls that brought the vision of a decade to its knees. It is the ride of a life time so…is everybody in?
If it sounds like something you could see yourself reading, by all means, check it out. And remember that spring promotion. :)

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