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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr. Tambourine Man- Bob Dylan

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"I am ready to go anywhere, I am ready for to fade/Into my own parade/Cast your dancing spell my way...I promise to go under it!" How powerful is that line? This is the quote I use for part one of the book because part one is all about Liz setting out on her own and going into the great unknown. That line fits it like a glove and it was literally the first thing I ever wrote for Castles. I knew I wanted it before I was sure of what would become of Liz on her journey, where exactly she would be, or who would be in her life along the way. Bob Dylan never had the best voice but he had his voice and I love it. His songs didn't always make sense but those that made no sense were usually fun and songs like this one, this amazing tune that seems to encompass the feelings of an amazing journey, an exciting trip, an aimless ramble make up for those like Subterranian Homesick Blues. Plus, Bob quickly becomes one of Liz's favorite "new" singers when she gets to California. He's there from the start of the trip to the very end. Her first concert New Port in '65 if that tells ya anything. :) So that line and this song represent youth and innocence for me, the youth and innocence of Liz as she sets out for a whole new world with no idea of where she was really going.

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