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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What About A Soundtrack?

Music not only played a huge part in the '60's, it played a huge part in Castles Made of Sand. I have to admit that I had a fucking blast listening to some of my favorite tunes while I was writing the book and many of those songs ended up in the book. Dylan plays a big part in it, as one could guess by the fact that the book starts with a quote from Mr. Tambourine Man. Morrison, Janis, and Hendrix became very good friends of Liz's and their music is talked about throughout the book. Jefferson Airplane was mentioned and the music festivals like Monterey, Woodstock, and Toronto are all mentioned along with the bands who were there. And of course The Beatles with Lennon at the forefront. Liz, like most teenaged girls of the early '60's, found true love with her first Beatles album and John was her favorite. As her life changed so did her relationship with this amazing poet/musician. He wasn't like her pals who just happened to make music. She had hero-worshipped him for years. So the transformation from fan to friend is something to watch. Anyway, the place I am trying to get to with all this talk of great tunes is that I would like to do a blog with some of the songs that appear throughout the book. Who thinks that is a good plan?

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