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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Beach Boys-California Girls

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I for one am not a Beach Boys kinda gal. But Jack loves them. And when it is time to put together the 1965 Year End edition of the Full Circle he insists that Summer Days (And Summer Nights) be added to the top ten (might have been five) albums of the year list. Liz fights this because she shares my dislike for the group and she gave that album a terrible review but he insists and since she is trying to sneak two Dylan albums on there, she relents in exchange for Highway 61. This is literally the only song from that album that I actually know so I posted it. If you are like me and you think the Beach Boys were nothing more than Jan and Dean rip offs (who would try to rip off that sound? Hell, I don't know) that appealed to surfers smoking too much in their parents' basement....don't blame me. Blame Jack. :)

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