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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Brother and the Holding Company-Call on Me

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In March of 1966 Liz gets a call from Jack telling her she has to come up and check out this band called Big Brother and the Holding Company and evaluate their new chick singer....That singer was of course Janis Joplin. But no one knew who she was at the time and people who were already fans of the band were very annoyed by her to say the least. Big Brother started out as a folk band and their fans thought Janis was turning the music into good ole' fashioned Rock n' Roll. Still, when Liz goes to the show at the Avalon Ballroom that night she has never heard of the band and her attention is all on the chick singing a little here and there. She wishes they would just let her sing already! And then when she meets Janis for the first time backstage and they go out to do an interview she becomes completely charmed by this reluctant southern belle. She likes her attitude, she likes her music...and she loves her cackle. Janis was the first of the 27 club to make Liz's aquantience and in many ways she was the one that Liz became closest to. She wasn't the crazy guy who called from bars on the Strip because his old lady threw him out for a night (Morrison of course), she wasn't the sexy guitar player that occasionally made Liz think twice about settling down (Yep, that would be Hendrix), she was Liz's friend. And although the road and work seperated both of them quite a bit they always managed to find some time for one another when they were close by.

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