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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bob Dylan-Like A Rolling Stone

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I tried to find the NewPort Folk Festival version of this song because that was the part of the book that this song came from. Liz went to NewPort where Dylan did his infamous electric set that almost got him booed off the stage. His electric version of this song was what made everyone shut up and listen. After he finished it, he walked off the stage only to return at the insistance of the crowd and do Mr. Tambourine Man. Remember the second video I posted on here? Yeah, that was Dylan coming back. Judging by the sounds of harmonicas hitting the stage, one can assume that the crowd forgave him his folkie sin. He was the first to bring electric sound to the folk music scene and while it still isn't typical and it didn't exactly start a trend, this song is testament to how well it could work at times. I also find this song to be prophetic. Think about it. He did this song in 1965 and if you listen to it, it perfectly sums up the times five or six years later when Frisco went from being a Utopia to being a place of drugged out nightmares that people seemed almost unable to escape. I'm not sure what Dylan's trip was at the time but maybe it made him just a little psychic.


  1. I think Dylan wanted to change with the times "The Times they are a Changin" and he knew that to keep fans he needed some electric guitar since most fans seemed to be going that way. Tho the hard core Folk fans probably saw him as a traitor to true Folk music.

  2. Yeah...I just figured, knowing Bob's attitude and his "I'll do what the hell I want" way of thinking back then that it was something he wanted to do and so he did it. At first the die hard folkies were mad but he wasn't like other folk artists of that time. He did have a fan base outside of that genre. They were rebels, he was a rebel, so for them his electric songs worked as well as the accustic. But the bottom line was that Dylan was going to do his thing and he just didn't give a damn if the folkies turned on him or not. This was made really clear by him doing two songs and leaving the stage. I think when he came back out with his accustic guitar it was sort of a peace offering because they wanted him to come back. He did things his way, they got mad, and in the end they still wanted him to come out and do more. So for that, he gave them what they wanted.