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Monday, May 2, 2011

Elvis Presley-Jail House Rock

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I love Elvis. I think most people with pulses can say the same. Liz, however, cannot stand to listen to his music. When she first tells Jack this, he is perplexed, as if by '65 loving Elvis was as natural as breathing. For many it was. For Liz, Elvis was Ohio, home, her father...all those things she tried to leave behind. Now, Elvis has at least one song mentioned a little further in the book that you can all groove on. He is not written out entirely as I would never dream of doing that to The King no matter what my main character might have wanted....:) And he is mentioned once or twice. But for Liz, Elvis was her past, the Beatles were her future, and that was that. :(


  1. I never liked Elvis much either and it probably was due to the fact that in 1967 I became a teen. So the music of late 60s and early 70s I heard more of and felt it expressed my generation better than the 50s singers where I felt Elvis was stuck in. To me a lot the 60s and 70 singers and bands were more modern and innovative than Elvis was.

  2. There seemed to be a generation gap with the whole Elvis VS The Beatles thing with people born in '45 or before leaning more toward Elvis and people born after ward leaning more toward The Beatles. I tried to capture this in the book with Liz's older friends basically chalking the popularity of the Beatles up to hormones or liking both...depending on their views. :)