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Monday, May 2, 2011

Joan Baez- We Shall Overcome

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I personally love this song but I cannot stand Joan Baez. When Jack asks Liz how she could love Dylan but hate Joan she tells him that Joan's obsession with fluctuation in her voice interferes with the music. I am not so kind in my assesment. To me, her voice is nails on a chalk board and I think writing this blog is the first time I have listened to a whole song she sang from start to finish. I have a headache now but that's ok. haha Seriously, I know that there are many people out there who love Joan and this one is for you. But Liz and I had an agreement almost from the start that we both disliked Joan's voice. It was as natural as our agreement that Jack's love of the Beachboys was strange, to say the least. It is so nice when writer and character can agree. Ever had a fight with yourself....Speaking of which....on to the next blog.


  1. Ah, inner dialogue. Sometimes I think I'm crazy.

    I've never been a fan of Joan Baez either... you hit the nail on the head with her weird voice fluctuations... it really does claw at your nerves.

    I love that Jack is obsessed with the Beach Boys. I kind of think of it as his "safety" when he's tripping out or just totally blitzed, it brings him to a comfort zone.

  2. Jack is so complex but he hides that really well. He sits there and trashes The Beatles while rocking out to The Beach Boys. He slams hippies while secretly being a beatnik at heart...and he does dishes naked. He is...Jack. hahaha I have to admit (and again with the schizo writer thing)that The Beach Boys thing surprised me. But that was what Jack wanted so there ya go. hahaha