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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rolling Stones-The Last Time

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The Rolling Stones...Now! was Liz's first taste of the Stones and their mind blowing tunes. It was also her first assignment for the paper that would change her life. She was told to take the album home and review it. Sounds simple but two things changed drastically as a result of those simple instructions. 1) Liz found a new style of music that blew her mind and, like The Beatles before them, it was love at first sound for her and 2) She did her first job at the place, the paper, that would take her on the adventure of a life time. But she never saw any of it coming. She just took the album and went back to her dorm to listen as she was told to do. That's how life works. The big things rarely feel big until you are old enough to look back and appreciate them.

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