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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Doors-Strange Days (The Begining of Part 2)

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First, I want to tell all of my beloved blogger pals that I almost had a seizure trying to bring you this delightful video. I once enjoyed it but I forgot about the flash in the beginning....this epileptic will not be watching this again for a while. :) lol But I did not seize so it is time to explain this song's place in Castles Made of Sand. Part 2 of the the book starts out with a quote as part one did before it. Of course, the quote is "Strange days have found us..." Part Two also begins with January of 1967 and goes on to January of 1970. For those of you remotely familiar with the '60's, I am sure you can understand why I chose that quote for these tumultuous years. We have the summer of love, Monterey Pop Festival, the '67 march on the pentagon (Yeah, that peaceful one...), the summer of hate, the assasinations of MLK and RFK, the riot in Chicago, Woodstock, Altamont, the Manson murders....Strange days, indeed. It was really a total no-brainer for me when it came time to pick a lyric (any lyric...) that would sum up those times. I didn't even have to play eannie meanie minie mo...and if I spelled that wrong, friggin' sue me. Hahaha Enjoy this delightfully strange song from my delightfully strange Morrison (Yeah, the rest of the band is there too), and if you have an aversion to flashing scenes....turn your head. It worked for me.


  1. Almost had a seizure? I realize that artists are often supposed to suffer for their art, but I think you might have taken it too far this time. :)

  2. Hahahaha Yeah, I forget I'm epileptic now sometimes. Wouldn't be the first time The Doors made me seize. One night I was watching their little documentary that Johnny Depp narrated, I was watching it with my bedroom light out, and there was this part with nothing but flashing bulbs from old cameras....Seized right there. It sort of makes watching anything distorted in a psychedelic way almost impossible.

  3. Keair...thanks so much for your visit and following along with my little slice of the blogisphere. Am happily following you right back. I was actually introduced to your work by the very same sly Silverfox, when I read his outstanding review of your work. A fellow addict of music and words...I am excited to flow with you on your journey. (Thanks David!!!)