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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Human Be-In-Golden Gate Park-January 14th, 1967

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Liz was at the Be-In at Golden Gate Park in 1967 and thanks to this youtube video, you can kind of get a hint of the experience. It includes some music by The Jefferson Airplane who were, in fact, at the event on that delightful day. Here is the video's description as included on youtube: 'The Human Be-In gathering at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in 1967 occurred before Woodstock. Allen Ginsberg & Timothy Leary showed up with thousands of their friends. I was a student at UC, Berkeley at the time, and filmed this on regular 8mm silent film. This is the complete, unedited roll of film, transferred to VHS in the 1980's, and digitized in 2009.'
When Liz went she had no idea what the hell she was going to. I mean, there were bands but it wasn't really a concert. There were people involved in the anti-war movement but it wasn't a protest. She got little in way of a description because there was little to give. It was just a lot of people hanging out at the park, talking, listening to music, and getting blitzed. But, despite the ban on acid that was put in place a few months before and the fact that Owlsey himself was in attendance, the cops didn't bother the kids and the kids didn't bother the cops. It was a good day all around. :)

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