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Monday, July 25, 2011

Yeah...I didn't forget about this blog...

It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything on here. (This is the part where I name my excuses for neglecting the blog...drum roll please...) I've been very busy. Class, kids, and relationship stuff have taken up a large chunk of my time and somewhere in there I have tried (tried being the operative word there...yeah, the blog's not the only thing I've neglected lately) to type up and clean up the next book on the assembly line for distribution. Don't get excited. At the rate I'm going, I'll be about 65 when Rapunzel is added to the list of published stuff. lol This is NOT your life blog, Keair....I can hear those very few who read this call out...and you are right.  It's about Castles. Well, my latest Castles news is that I've started to query agents again for the book. I am hoping of course to get someone who is not me to push this damned book. That whole 'why pay someone else to do what you can do for free' philosophy that I live by in  many areas of life does not extend to the promotion and distribution of Castles Made of Sand. The first reputable agent that asks for it can have that responsibility. Same goes for the publisher said agent finds. In the meantime, it's just me, myself, and the voices in my head running this show and we have all decided that I shall try harder to add to the soundtrack on here in the days to come. If nothing else, let me entertain you, right? :) So, to the two people or so actually reading this, I will try harder on that end, if nothing else. Good tunes is good tunes and it is my civic duty to pass them around. lol Oh, there are still two copies of Castles left to whomever wishes to take them. I give you the book, you give me  a review, and we both go home happy. That's how I work the barter system. 

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