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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Need Help With My Creative Vision

I think of this blog as not just a blog for Castles Made of Sand but a blog about my writing in general at this point. So, I am coming to all three of you who read this (hehe) with a request for your opinions. I've been going through my many notebooks of poems trying to put them into categories because I would really like to start putting them together for a book. Now, for those of you who are into poetry, do you prefer a book of poems that all have one running theme or do you like it better when you're not sure what subject will appear in rhyme next? Do you think the best poetry books are short or longer? Does any of this even matter to you or do you only look at the quality of poems? I have debated on how I wanted to do this for months now and I am still no closer to a decision so I am calling on my fellow bookworms to give me some insight into what they would like to see. And yes, I am again promising that I am eventually going to stop neglecting the good tunes from Castles....I'm terrible at keeping up with this thing. I know. :)


  1. I'm not a huge fan of poetry, but here's my input:

    If you go with a book (or books) based on themes, obviously that would keep the books shorter. If you go with one book containing many themes, I don't really think it's necessary to break them down into topics. ("I'll read the section on relationships, and maybe the one about religion, but I don't think I'll read the chapter on vacuum cleaners...")

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with a long book of poetry, since most single poems aren't overly long anyway, so a reader can put the book down and go back to it later without feeling like he or she is "missing" what's coming up, unlike a novel or other narrative. It's kinda like reading a blog that covers many subjects (like mine). You can skip the ones devoted to a subject that doesn't interest you, without feeling like you're missing anything.

    And yeah, I'm more concerned with the quality than I am the presentation or subject matter (within reason, haha). Hell, I'd probably go to the "vacuum cleaner" section first!

  2. So that is one vote for variety? lol

  3. Fine. Make me put it in one word.



  4. In my youth I read some great poetry and wrote some that transcended simply crappy just to, shall we say, woo the local lasses.

    I won the heart of one, and I am no longer allowed to woo with abandon. My poetic days are now way in the past, but I must agree with The Silver Fox - variety.

    I was totally incapable of saying that with just one word. It's a character flaw.

  5. David up there (The Silver Fox)is too...that's part of his irresistible charm. :) It's not a character flaw from my perspective because I am also a long winded person. So that's two votes of variety...Thanks for your input, guys, and for reaffirming what I really wanted to do. lol

  6. Keair, the way I have always approached any book is I want to be surprised. If the flow keeps me guessing what is around the next corner, it is good. The quality not the length will determine whether I put a book down or keep reading. The length has no bearing. There is an old entertainment phrase that also applies to books. "Leave them wanting more". When I enjoy a story or book I am always disappointed when I reach the end. I know there are times when I am so involved in a story, that I will slow down on purpose so I can prolong reaching the end. As you put this book together, stop when you are still wanting more. I am going to start following you, thanks to Jon from SOG Oracle, for giving me the blog sight. John

  7. See,I have written novels and I feel no intimidation when I sit down with my pen or my computer to churn out a story...long or short. But I have never put my poems together as a book and I have been planning this for months but I discovered that I felt out of my element and that, for a writer, is a scary feeling. So that was why I did this post. I'm not used to needing direction in this area. haha And I really appreciate the comments because I have started typing some of these old poems is random in order...and it will probably be roughly about two hundred pages which, for a book of poems...I don't know, John, what do you think? With novels the length isn't something I consider but with poems it is simply because I've never really read a long book of poems unless it was a complete collection. Thank you, by the way, for following me and for your input. It is appreciated. :)

  8. Keair, I always remember reading books of short stories and loving the fact that I could put the book down after finishing a story. The same goes for poetry. We can read what we feel for the moment, leave and come back to start fresh with something new. Like I stated earlier when something is enjoyed, if it is longer, we just get that much more to, lift us up. Random and poetry go hand in hand the best. I think this has kept me from sleepless nights. No guilt from stopping in the middle of a great part. Write for youself and we will benefit from your prose. Also to let you know I purchased your book, "Castles Made of Sand" on my Kindle. Started reading it and am enjoying it a great deal. Will share additional thoughts and review on one of my blogs, when finished. I will let you know, when done. Being afaid and stretching ourselves is a reward. Looking forward to you poems. John.

  9. Thanks so much! Yes, feel free at any time to write me about any thoughts or rants you have about the book. I love hearing feedback and I'm always up to chat. :) Thank you for you kind words as well.