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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Hippie Tours Through San Francisco

'He started to laugh. “Dig this. Next month we’re all officially becoming a circus act.”
     Thinking he was simply tripping, I asked, but expected no serious reply, “What are you talking about?”
     “Tour buses through the area. The hippie tour, they’re calling it. Some shit like that. You know, so people can come and stare at the exotic fucking animals through the protection of steel and glass. You ever heard such shit as that?”'
In 1967, tour buses started coming through the Haight/Ashbury allowing people in straight society the chance to  have a guided tour through the district and see the new counter-culture up close. Many parents of runaways came and used the tours as a chance to try to find their wayward youths and others just wanted to see these strange young kids. Whatever their reasons for coming, they came and for a while that hippie paradise was invaded three times a day by straight people.

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