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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beware the Men in Shiny Shoes

First, I'm cutting back a little on the scenes that I share, leaving out most of the detail. Don't look at me like that. I'm not cutting them out all together...I am simply skimping on them a bit because I do kind of have an agenda with this blog and that agenda does involve boosting sales...sales that will not be boosted if I give everything away. For this particular post, I am giving you nothing from the book. I am just discussing an issue. It's an issue that appears in the book on more than one occasion and it was one that was very real under the administrations of both Johnson and Nixon, especially when Hoover was head of the FBI. In California it was even more pronounced because Reagan fully supported it and encouraged it as governor. This was the issue of activists (anti-war and civil rights activists especially), musicians, artists, writers, and others who spoke out against the government being followed by federal agents, even having their homes and phones bugged. Now, thanks to files that have been shared on the internet and on television, there is no way to deny that this occurred. John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Abbie Hoffman, and many others all had their files in the FBI as agents kept tabs on what they were up to as much as possible. Others who were targeted were simply familiar faces at protests, people who wrote "anti-establishment" articles, that sort of thing. At the time people who thought they were being followed were usually treated like they were crazy, even by their friends. Until it happened to their friends too. Maybe this is where the stereotype of the paranoid hippie came from? lol Whatever the case, there were many many files filled with years of information compiled and today most of it is open to public view showing that sometimes it's not paranoia...because the man really is out to get you. :)
                                      Lennon's File Being Opened-1983
The Website Dedicated to Lennon's Files:
Abbie Hoffman talking about Lennon's FBI Troubles:

The FBI Site Where You can Access Abbie's FBI File:
Martin Luther King Jr.'s File:
These are just a few examples of people the FBI harassed under Johnson and Nixon. As far back as the '50's Hoover was following rock stars. Let's not forget that he once tailed Elvis. Bottom line? If you were in a movement in the '60's...there may be a file in Washington with your name on it. Stranger things have happened indeed. :)

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