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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Infamous Pamela Susan Courson Morrison

Jim Morrison was one of the most infamous rock stars of the 1960's but, as they say, behind every good man is a woman willing to kick his ass (Sure that's how that goes...) and when Jim laid eyes on the beautiful Pam Courson in 1965, he finally met his match. From that first meeting until Jim's death in 1971, the pair had one of the most tumultuous relationships in rock n' roll history, filled with madness, drugs, fights, and plenty of love. Pam was possibly one of the most hated women in Los Angeles during the late '60's because of her relationship with Jim and the fact that he may have slept around but no matter how many women he took to bed or how many fights the two had, he always came home to her eventually. After her own death in 1974 (also at the age of 27) rumors swirled that she killed Jim, that he took her to Paris to leave her, that he was writing his other women while they were in Europe but there is no proof that any of this is more than crap made up by women that wanted what Pam had. Although she doesn't appear in Castles nearly as much as her infamous lover, she is there and this is the reader's first encounter with Jim's fiery little redhead when she comes to get him from Liz's where he stayed after she kicked him out of their house for the night: 

'Jim called Pam around four o’ clock and she gave him permission to come home saying she would come and get him. I listened to him recite my address and I listened to Janis whisper, “Big fucking rock star, huh? He’s gotta call mama before he can even set foot in that house he pays for. Just goes to show ya. All the smart women know how to work their men. Don’t ever let them think that they are in charge, ya know?”
     Julie giggled and I pondered the words. Maybe she was on to something. Ross and Brian came in just before Pam pulled up outside. We had the front door open because the guys were carting in groceries that they had picked up so Pam just came right into the house. I had never seen her before and that first glimpse of her was a powerful one. She was tiny, weighing maybe ninety pounds soaking wet and no taller than a piss ant. But her deep green eyes were ablaze and her hair, bold red and hanging down her back, helped give her the impression of a siren. “My god.” I said to Jim. “Your girl’s fucking beautiful!”
     “Aint she?” He said with a smile. “And she’s mean as a damned rattle snake!”
      “I’m standing right here, asshole!” Pam shouted. “You are so goddamned lucky that I’m letting you come home, do you know that? Don’t piss me off or…” Brian, who was trying to get past her with an arm full of paper bags, broke in her tirade with a soft murmur of excuse me and she rounded on him like a boxer. “And who the fuck are you?”
     “That’s my old man. Sorry, we haven’t been introduced. I’m…”
     “Yeah, I know who you are.” She barked as she sized up Brian in a way that had Jim and me looking at one another. Finally she turned toward us once more and asked casually, “So can I borrow your old man like you’ve been borrowing mine or are you another one of L.A.’s selfish sluts?”
     Her words caused quite a sensation. Brian practically  threw the bags on the floor to get in her face, Janis was shouting something about Morrison, crabs, and all of Laurel Canyon, Julie was up in a flash ready to scrap and Jim and Ross were laughing. Finally Brian said something that pushed Pam to the edge of her anger and the slap that she delivered the side of face silenced everyone at once. I took a deep breath to control the instinct to pound on her. I knew what she was going through. Here she was picking up the man she loved from another woman’s house and with his reputation it wasn’t hard to see how she came by her conclusion that Jim and I were more than friends. “Pam, if you don’t mind, I would like to talk to you alone.” I said, walking past her onto the small concrete slab that served as our porch. She followed wordlessly.
     “Your old man doesn’t know shit about me! How dare he talk to me like that?” She seethed, her cheeks rose red as she sat next to me.
     “Well, you did call me a slut.” I said with a smile. “You’ve got this all wrong, honey. I’m not balling Jim. I’ve got one man in my life and he’s the guy you tried to lay out. I like Jim as a musician and I like Jim as a friend but that’s where it ends. You never have to worry about him fucking around if he’s here because I’m your safest bet in this town.”
     Her sea foam eyes bore into me and then she nodded. “I’m sorry about all of this. It’s just that...sometimes he puts me through shit and I’ve been up all damned night wondering if he’d call, wondering if he was alright. I’ll have to think of something good to get him back for this! Anyway, I just....I’m sorry. Tell your old man I’m sorry for slapping him around. He’s got a big mouth.” She said with a smile. Yes, I thought, this was the perfect woman for the mad man on my sofa. She had that same wild look in her eyes, that same charming smile that could make her madness a memory as soon as it had passed. Despite her tiny frame and her mouse like voice she had one hell of a big spirit. That much was obvious. “Could you tell Jim to come out, please? I just want to go to sleep. It’s been such a long day.”
     I stood up and extended my hand. She looked at it for a moment before she took it in a firm shake. “It was really nice to finally meet you. If you ever need a place to bring Jim’s ass you know where I live. I get where you’re coming from, Pam, and I admire you.”
     “Yeah.” She said with a sweet laugh. “Sometimes it takes balls to be Mrs. Jim Morrison.” '
Jim often called Pam his muse and there were many songs and pieces of poetry that she inspired with her famous man. One example was The Door's song Love Street which was written by Jim about Pam and their home in Laurel Canyon:
My Wild Love is another ode to Pam:
An interview with Jim and Pam:
Information about Pam from
Birth: Dec. 22, 1946
Siskiyou County
Death: Apr. 25, 1974
Los Angeles County

Longtime girlfriend and alleged wife of singer Jim Morrison (of the Doors). Pamela Susan Courson was born December 22, 1946, in Weed California. She met Jim Morrison when she was 19 while an art student at Los Angeles City College. She would become Jim's girlfriend for the next 5 years until his death in 1971. Pamela took the name Morrison later on in their relationship. On July 2, 1971, Jim and Pamela went to see a movie. After the movie, they returned to their apartment in Paris. Jim went to bed and awoke sometime later coughing and complaining of chest pains. He then decided to take a bath. At approximatley 5:00 a.m. on July 3, 1971, Pamela found Jim dead in their bathroom. Pamela died April 25, 1974, in her Hollywood apartment of a heroin overdose. Despite the fact that her parents were going to have her buried with Jim at Pere-Lachaise cemetery (Paris, France), and the fact that her father listed it as the place of burial on her death certifricate, there was too much red tape involved in transporting a body to a foreign country for burial. Her parents had her cremated remains buried at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California. (bio by: Fan of the Site)

Cause of death: Heroin overdose

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Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana
Orange County
California, USA
Plot: Garden courts, compartment 164


If you are interested in learning more about Pam and/or her relationship with Jim, I personally recommend the book Angels Dance and Angels Die. I own the book and I've read many different perspectives on Jim's life but of all the books out there, I think this one is the most accurate, unbiased, real portrayal I've read. It's interesting, it's honest, and it gives new perspective on this couple that has been steeped in myth and mystery for the last four decades. 


  1. Very sad, about Pam. Enjoyed reading this segment again.

  2. She was a hell of a fucking woman and she doesn't get nearly as much respect as Jim's woman as she should have. For this I blame his whores like Patricia Keneally that could have never taken on Pam while she was alive so they tried to destroy the memory of Jim and Pam's love before Pam's body was even cold. And that is my rant on this subject...haha Let me ask you a question (and it is open to anyone who reads this and wants to chime in) Do you think I should stop putting the parts from the book in the blog? I mean, do you think it gives people a good idea of what the book is like or do you think it's giving away too much?

  3. Re: Pam. Don't be shy, Keair... How do you REALLY feel? ;-)

    I might say to tone it down if Castles was a 180-page book. But it's not. And you haven't been feeding us plot spoilers about the main characters, as far as I can recall. What you've been doing -- to my mind -- shows the incredible amount of research you've done, and how you've tried to bring historical events and characters to life.

    (Word verification is "puncle." I guess that's what you get if Sid Vicious was your mom's brother.)

  4. Hahahaha Right? Well, should it ever get to be too much, I expect you to tell me because you are David and I adore you enough to not call you a jerk off for looking out for me and the book. haha

  5. That's true. I'd tell you... nicely.


    That's the truth about Pam, enjoy!

  7. First, I am not going to dispute the post based on the fact that it's a beyond the grave contact with Pam as I firmly fact...I know that's possible. However, there are many things that were not true. The way Pam supposedly described Paris to this person is not at all the way she described it to numerous people around her. It is a well known fact that Pam went into a deep state of mourning after Jim's death and that she spent hours in the house watching the 45 millimeter films that she and Jim made in Paris once she came back to L.A. after his death. Pam was in love with Jim and Jim was in love with Pam and it is my opinion based off of accounts from people including her own sister that the last thing Pam EVER wanted (until perhaps the end of Jim's life when they left America) was a child or a settled life. She was a fucking wild child, plain and simple. Now, whoever wrote this account could simply be full of shit (as I am sure most people assume anyway but, as I said before, I know better) or the person may truly be a medium and the spirit that made contact may be lying. It happens. But if you make contact with the dead, the first thing you do is check out what they are telling you to see if it can be proven as fact. This is especially true of someone famous and it is even more important if you yourself knows information about the life of the person in question. If what you are being told doesn't match the information you know is true, than the spirit is lying and you break contact. It's that simple. However, that was an interesting read and I thank you for posting it. :)

  8. I find it very interesting it is such as sad story of talent and love lost. R.I.P Pam and Jim.