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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Jefferson Airplane-Comin' Back to Me

'She practically tossed the weed at him as Eric played Comin’ Back to Me again. He had a strange look on his face, like he was far away. I had always thought of that song as one of the band’s best tunes. It was powerful. But I wasn’t sure his mood had anything to do with the song. As the second joint began to be passed he loosened up again, joking and laughing with the rest of us. Still, I had an uneasy feeling.'
I heard this song for the first time (in this life anyway) in the movie The 60's. It appears in a scene toward the end of the film and it is just a tiny taste of the song but it was enough to have me looking for the artist and the title for five years. When I finally found it, I was ecstatic and from the first time I heard it until now it has remained one of my favorite tunes by the Airplane. There is something about it that sucks me in. I cannot listen to it just once. The music is melancholy, powerful, the lyrics are like poetry and I had to pay tribute to it by putting it in the book. I think it might appear more than once but this is the first mention of it. And yes, my characters are getting stoned on weed to the song. It was part of their scene and I would have been a piss poor writer if I had written a book about hippies that never did drugs in California in the '60's. Not only that...this song is good to toke up to or at least I thought so in my younger years. :)

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