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Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Go Together Like...Acid Trips and Day-Glo

After reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe to try to get a good perspective on acid trips and the way acid worked back in the day (from what I have heard, the stuff today is it was then although I've personally never tried any of it...hence the reading material) I realized that tripping on acid surrounded by people covered in Day-Glo paint would probably be pretty fucking cool. (For those of you youngins' that have no idea what Day-Glo paint is, it's glow in the dark paint that hippies like to turn into body art. Don't fret my pets...I'll post pictures) Because of that thought swirling around in my crazy head, the scene I am about to chop up and give you in parts was born. If you like it, thank the Merry Pranksters. They inspired it I guess.

'I pondered it for some time before I came to decision. “Do you have any of Owsley’s shit stuffed in your medicine cabinet?”
     “Do commies shit red? Come on! Of course I do.”
"Now, second question....Do you have any Day-Glo?”
Because I was the jolly good fellow of the day, it was up to everyone else to split up and travel around town in search of the paint and dinner. We all planned to feast, paint each other, and trip as we never had before. 

The type of acid that this batch came from was a sort of acid creeper. For those of you unfamiliar with this typical weed slang, it means that the buzz crept up on us all. We were sitting around, half naked and glowing with neon paint waiting for something to happen when slowly the trip greeted us. Small changes came at first, much like the night before, only this was a higher grade and after that initial slow start it was a fucking roller coaster that slammed through us. When Break on Through began blasting from the speakers, Julie and I were at our first peak. Together we stood and began to dance in the fast paced way that belonged to us. Because we could see the colors moving between our hands, we played with our arms, our fingers, and we laughed as we never had before. All the way through the album we moved our bodies in time with the music, fast and slow, and it seemed like our trip was also moving to the same beat. The End had me dancing as I had watched Morrison do that first night I saw him. I really had no idea what I was doing, only that I was following the tune and a memory of a man whose true nature I saw but once. At the end, when the music slowed and prepared to come to an end, I dropped as Morrison had feeling that I was exhausted.

The music had stopped and another peak was coming. I sat up knowing that I really wanted this moment to last forever. “I need a clock, Jack. Do you have one?”
“Yeah, in my room. There’s a clock on the stand, ‘member?”
     I wanted to stop time and there was only one way I could think to do it. I rushed into Jack’s room with a speed I thought I could see and when I came out I called everyone to follow me into the kitchen.  “Is everyone having a good trip?” There was consent all around. “Want this to last forever?” No one said no so I assumed it was a yes all around. “Then let’s just fucking freeze time!” And with that I opened the door of the freezer and I placed the clock inside, honestly believing at that moment that something so impossible could be achieved by an act so small.'
For those of you who are wondering....she absolutely stopped time. Of course it worked. Liz is still in Jack's apartment frozen to that spot 43 years later. What a trip. Ok, that's enough for videos and pictures of acid tripping Day-Glo fun. Yay!
A Picture of Different Shades of Dayglo:

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