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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CCR-Suzie Q

And because I am a nice person (stop laughing...that's not nice) I am leaving you this week with good tunes...or rather a good tune. The song is Suzie Q, the band is CCR, the year is 1968, and Liz is hearing the record by this "little known Berkeley band" for the first time. Imagine how groovy that would be! 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the flashback Keair. No dammit, not that kind of flashback. I have been waiting on one of those for over thirty years.

    I got turned on to CCR and Suzie Q back in '69 while finishing up at Fort Monmouth. I actually got turned on to more than just CCR. I had lived a very sheltered life in Panama City, Florida.

    Before evading the draft by enlisting I had worked as a country music disc jockey. We didn't play no gawd dammed hippie music at that there station.

    Them sweet country music loving ladies who listened to my show provided the sex, but it was the Army that introduced me to drugs and rock and roll. God bless the Army!

    So far, my only great disappointment has been with the acid. We were warned many times of the danger of periodic flashbacks - a free trip, if you will. I am now 67 years of age and I have still not had one of them there flashbacks.

    I am truly and completely bummed out, but I love your writing and your blog.

    Oh Suzie Q...wait a minute. I feel a tingle.

    Never mind. It was a gas pain.