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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Rolling Stones-Jumping Jack Flash and Beggars' Banquet (Full Album)

In May of 1968, Jumping Jack Flash was released only as a single. Later, in December of that year, The Stones released Beggars Banquet but despite being a hit and being a song from that album's sessions, Jumping Jack Flash was not on it and remained, at the time, only a single. Liz fell in love with the song and she had the '45 in her hand as soon as it was released. She even did her first music review on one song as opposed to an entire album for it in The Full Circle. So here I presented to you, my beloved blogger people, Jumping Jack Flash and the album that came later but was without the song that everyone had fallen for in May:
Jumping Jack Flash:
Beggars Banquet:
Song 1- Sympathy for the Devil
Song 2-No Expectations
Song 3-Dear Doctor
Song 4-Parachute Woman
Song 5-Jigsaw Puzzle
Song 6-Street Fighting Man
Song 7-Prodigal Son
Song 8-Stray Cat Blues
Song 9-Factory Girl
Song 10-Salt of the Earth
There ya go. I encourage everyone to kick back, relax, and let The Stones take you away. Doesn't get much better than that. :)

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